Nader Sohrab – Chief Accounting Officer

Nader Sohrab is an accomplished financial professional with significant experience in operational management and core financial processes. Mr. Sohrab began his career in government auditing and rose through the ranks to become chief financial officer at Atlanta Public Schools. As Chief Financial Officer, Nader Sohrab was responsible for all the financial functions, including accounting, treasury, procurement, and annual budgets of over two billion dollars. He was also instrumental in developing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure effective and efficient use of resources.

After serving in government for over 30 years, Mr. Sohrab transitioned to the private sector and began consulting for various companies. During this time, he provided financial advice and expertise to clients in a range of industries.

His auditing and operational experience provided clients with knowledge of how to manage risks and create operational efficiencies.

Mr. Sohrab joined Retail Direct LLC in 2019, where he is responsible for the overall financial health of the organization. Under his leadership Retail Direct saw significant growth. Mr. Sohrab’s success in both public and private sectors is a testament to his expertise in financial management and his dedication to helping organizations achieve their goals. He is highly regarded for his analytical skills, attention to detail and ability to develop and implement effective and efficient financial strategies.

Mr. Sohrab is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration from the Kennesaw State University. He also received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University.